Partizan CBS d.o.o. operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia and respects the rights of its customers. If you are in any doubt, please contact us immediately by phone or email. All our contacts are on the "Contact". Do not worry, in such cases we will solve the problem in your favor.


In the case of:

1. Delivery of goods not ordered, and

2. Delivery of goods which have material defects,

the buyer is obliged to first send a verbal appeal to the Partizan CBS d.o.o. - by phone at +381 11369 3338 or in writing (e-mail) within 7 days of purchase.


At the same pack your return item in original packaging and send it to the address displayed on the site. On that occasion, write your address correctly, otherwise we will not be able to provide you a refund. In the event that we send you the wrong item we will bear the costs of the new dispatch. If the item is sent from Serbia, return it to the address on the site Humska 1, 11000 Belgrade, Partizan CBS d.o.o. and send to the recipient, we will pay the postage. When you return all items must be in original condition - unworn and unused, otherwise we will not be able to do recovery.

IMPORTANT: Items with a printing service Items which are done press service (for example jersey) are not subject to the right to complain unless the product itself is damaged.


Partizan CBS d.o.o. is obliged to decide on a customer complaint within 8 days from receipt of the appeal, and that the outcome of the appeal immediately notify Buyer, in writing or orally. In the event that the lack of the subject goods can not be removed, you are entitled to request delivery of the same commodity with no deficiencies or refunds. If the buyer does not return the original goods, Partizan CBS d.o.o. reserves the right to the Purchaser does not deliver the new stock, or not to perform recovery of cost and cost recovery of goods. In the event that the buyer opted for the replacement of goods, Partizan CBS d.o.o. is obliged to deliver the same promptly. In the event that it is impossible to deliver other goods, Partizan CBS d.o.o. will reimburse the customer the cost recovery of goods and the value of goods that can no longer be able to deliver.

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